1.    The God of the Bible is the healer and He desires for all people to be in health

 2.    God uses the natural and the supernatural to restore health

 3.    That the body has a God-given innate ability to heal itself and will do so when properly supported

 4.    That mankind was formed out of the dust of the earth and is therefore inherently connected to the land (nature)

 5.    That God formed man in His image (body, soul, spirit) and that health is a function of these three inter- functioning facets

 6.    That our bodies are meant to be the temples of the Holy Spirit to be nurtured and protected for His service


7. That we can experience union with Jesus Christ, a relational or ethical union conceived as a union of wills or spirits or a union of love; an “absorption” into Jesus Christ to such a degree that personal identity is in some sense lost.


8. The true experience of God's presence and love is not something attainable by utilizing human reasoning (such as observation, deduction, induction, inference, implication, or any form of intellectually based proofs); rather it is by a direct infusion from God himself and Jesus Christ, that engages the spiritual (rather than mental) center of the individual.