Natalie Olson is a trained specialist in a separate and distinct healing art that operates according to Biblical principles and mandates. As a born-again believer under the priesthood of Christ, she carries out a duty and responsibility of a priest to guide others into wholeness of spirit, soul, and body. She uses homeopathy and spiritual modalities to facilitate the biblical principles of cleansing, building, and the removal of unwanted intruders.  Natalie Olsonis a Biblical Therapist and has training in a specialized course of study in Homeopathic Medicine, Biblical Medicine, Cognitive & Behavioral  Psychology, Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy, Herbal Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Therapy. In addition, she has been trained in prayer, healing, the laying on of hands, prophecy, anointing with oil, Biblical counseling, inner healing, and deliverance ministry.  She is also the  author of over 6 books and the founder of Sozo Health School of Biblical Therapy


Natalie Olson is an:

  •  Apostle - Affirmed June 2009 Pastor-Kingdom Deliverance Ministries (Retired)

  • Chaplain-Pickens County Sherrif Department (Sherrif Rick Clark)

  • Certified Biblical Therapist-International Institute of Biblical Therapy

  • Biblical Naturopathic Doctor' (B.ND')- Life Training Institute

  • Diplomat (D.PSc) of Pastoral Science & Medicine (Pastoral Medical Association) with License L12327637

  • President Sozo Health School of Biblical Therapy

  • Apostle Ivory Hopkins -Apostolic Covering 

  • Wife of Christopher Olson and Mother of 3 Grandmother of 2