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Our Stance on New Age Practices 

  1. We ask for God’s intervention in carrying out the healing through our therapy

  2. We do not support, believe or endorse the use of  “spiritual energy".

  3. We are not being helped by intelligent spirits – for example, angels, demons, dead persons’ souls, or “spirit guides” – or speak of channeling. 

  4. We do not manipulate or depend upon any kind of unintelligent “spiritual energies”

  5. Our therapies do not have recourse to spirits secretly Note: the use of a dowsing pendulum over the ingredients used in homeopathy or aromatherapy.

  6. We do not teach or endorse that you “are God”, are already one with God, can become or get closer to God purely by our  therapy; and teaching that Jesus is one of many “christs.”

  7. There are good grounds, based on scientific research that sound therapy is not superstitious. 

  8. Participation in our sound therapy will not give others a false impression of Christianity, or lead Christians into sin? 

  9. We use Sound Therapy in a way that is under the Lordship of Christ, and we totally trust Him with our future as well as our clients.

Why should I join a Private Healthcare Membership



Sometimes the well-meaning laws of government become a hindrance to helping each other without jeopardizing your own freedoms. Many times the constraints of the AMA, FDA, and FTC are about making healthcare an industry that profits rather than a healthcare system whose purpose is to help people recover their health.


Current law restricts medical doctors from offering alternative solutions outside of "standard medical care" without jeopardizing their medical license. Some of those same laws restrict what alternative health professionals can say or do.  According to the 1st and 14th amendments of the constitution, government agencies have very limited jurisdiction over private membership associations because they are not in the public domain. By being a member of a private healthcare membership association, we have freedoms to serve members with alternative healthcare solutions. 


By joining Sozo Holistic Health Private Healthcare Membership Association you become part of a member-to-member association that is outside public domain with protected freedoms for helping each other.Sozo Holistic Health Private Healthcare Membership Association is available to members only.

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