Course Offerings

Inner Emotional Healing

Inner healing is an important part of the Gospel message. You can supernaturally experience healing by exposing the hidden lies that keep you in bondage. This course presents a framework within which you can learn to pray, listen, and help others receive God’s healing in a progressive step-by-step process. Its practical instruction, examples, and personal stories can empower you to deliberately listen to God in ways that bring deep nurture, assurance, and inner healing. Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” Take Him at His word and experience inner healing. Includes questions for discussion and personal reflection.


Unit 1-Foundations of Inner Healing & Listening Prayer


Unit 2-Experiencing Inner Healing Prayer 


Unit 3-Ministering Inner Healing Prayer

The Ministry of Herbal Remedies

Unit 1.  Gives you the background of herbs, gives you the dos  and don'ts for safe and effective herb use, and explains the  different applications of  herbs and how to make them if you desire. This unit is designed  to orient you on  how to go about using herbs for ailments, and how to choose the right ones, and will  also give you some tips on how to get the right dose for you.

Unit 2-4 are designed to be the  meat of the course course and explores over  100 common (and sometimes not so common ailments) with guiding charts to summarize your remedies for your specific ailment to formulate game plan to attack your ailment  with natural remedies.


Unit 5 is designed to be the hands on of the course. We will make 4 choices remedies, 2 live in class