Winter Season Anointing oil is represented by Frankinscense and Myrrh

Frankincense is part of the offerings brought by the wise men to the newborn Jesus, are perhaps the most famous gifts ever given. This reference may have been the first time most people heard of these highly prized spices, but frankincense actually was in use from the early days of the Old Testament, prescribed by God to Moses as part of the holy anointing oil used on the Ark of the Covenant and in the sacred temple.


Myrrh had already developed a reputation as one of the most versatile and highly prized spices in the Biblical era long before the Magi brought it as a gift to the baby Jesus. Indeed, in Genesis, Jacob’s sons bring it as one of their gifts to the vizier of Egypt—whom they did not know was their brother, Joseph—and women, including Esther, use it as part of their purification rituals. In God’s specifications for the holy anointing oil Moses would mix for the sacred temple, myrrh is the first and most abundant in the list. The Psalms and the Song of Solomon sing praises to myrrh’s unique scent. Finally, Joseph and Nicodemus use the spice mixed with aloes to bind

with cloth around the body of Jesus after his crucifixion. Steam distilled from its resin, myrrh serves well as an aid to meditation, a key ingredient in skin balms and—most popularly—in scented candles and potpourri in your home as Christmas draws near.




Winter Anointing Oil

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