Menstrual cramps can range from slightly annoying to extremely painful. Oils rubbed on the abdomen can be useful in soothing and calming contracting muscles and relieving the pain

Menstrual Cramps Essential Oil Blend


    • Do not use if nursing, pregnant or trying to conceive or brestfeeding
    • do not use if you have hypertension
    • do not use while taking homeopathic remedies
    • children or people ith illinses such as epilepsy, any seizure disorder, brest cancer, hormone issues, or kidney problems do not use
    • do not use in baths
    • do not use if on blood thinners
    • do not use if you have gallstones
    • do not use on children
    • avoid if hypoglycemic
    • can cause insoomnia for some people
    • do not apply to vericose veins
    • can be a skin irritant for some people

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