Victory in the Valleys

Our new 4 week premium series begins tomorrow. This is a biblical therapy series, it will offer study applications that give you the opportunity to answer questions and go deeper in the Word of God!

In a physical definition, a valley is a low area between two hills, which can range from a few square miles to hundreds or even thousands of square miles in area. It is typically a low-lying area of land, surrounded by higher areas such as mountains or hills. It can also be seen as a path between two mountains, or a depression in a single mountain. It is interesting to note that part of its physical landscape is a "depression." Metaphorically, we often compare the valleys of life to the more depressing times in our lives. Why do we associate valleys with dark, deep crevasses that we need to dig ourselves out of? Moreover, even in scripture, we tend to quote "the valley of the shadow of death" as a place of death, not a place of life.

We tend to long for the mountaintop experiences of life. Nevertheless, even if we find them at times, we do not live there consistently. Most of us love our mountaintop experiences with God, but they are usually moments in time. We spend most of our days in the valleys. Let us face the fact that we LIVE in the valleys, day in and day out. In addition, if the greatest amount of our days is spent in the valleys, then we need to discover how the Word of God is a "lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path" as we walk through them holding God's hand every step of the way. This Bible study is a journey through the valleys of life, learning how to live in victory and hope. We are going to journey through some of the greatest valleys in scripture that we never have considered to be significant to our lives today.

This biblical therapy highlights four (4) different valleys in Scripture. Each valley reflects a place of both physical and spiritual components. Each valley is described in the Old Testament and has strong applications in the New Testament. The Old Testament illustrates the principle while the New Testament instructs us how to apply the principles to our lives. We will examine the context of each valley in terms of what God was doing with His people and how they responded to His Word and His judgment. We will see amazing areas of application that are relevant to our lives today.

• The Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37) New life

• The Valley of Jezreel (Judges 6) Faith pleases God

• The Valley of Achor (Joshua 7) The blessings of obedience

• The Valley of Beracah (2 Chronicles 20) Victory in praise & worship

All of these valleys could have depicted the valley of the shadow of death. Instead, we will learn that the Lord has given us illustrations of how to overcome the shadow of death to find an abundance of life. There is no greater joy than knowing that in all things God is with us. He leads us. He guides us. He watches over us. He has a greater plan for us than we can imagine. When the valleys of life seem long, dark and dry, we need to find strength in His promises to keep us going forward. This study will give us strength as we walk through these valleys of life, for we are not alone.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4


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