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You hear it almost every day: "Our world has changed." The war on terrorism has shattered our sense of security. We live in a new day of terror alerts, metal detectors and suicide bombers. Elijah shows us how to live in a threatening society—and not just in survival mode. He shows us how to live courageously and confidently Fear may still overcome us at times. Elijah had his share of failures too. But Elijah will help us look beyond our fears and the insecurity of our world to a God who lives and reigns forever. Our world has changed—and we are forced to change too. We have to live with the new realities of economic uncertainty and security threats. We let our children walk out the door to school never certain of what they might face in the course of the day. Our jobs, our retirement, our safety seem threatened by the next turn of events. In need of a role model, we can turn to Elijah. We can watch the way he stands up in a shaking, uncertain world and allow him to show us the way to anchor our hopes to an unchanging, powerful God.

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