Our New Website and Appointments ***A Must Read***

If you haven't been to my web site lately it has a new look. Our web site is changing to meet the demands of our new office coming soon. You will notice the big change to the appointments. We had to add in office and remote (out of office) services.

Note we still accept FSA and HSA. Also if you are a direct care user, you will need to renew on this web site at your renewal date. There are no longer any auto drafts set, so every person will have to go to direct care again to re-establish the plan. I will notify you of your anniversary date.

We still offer our samaritan services for low or no income persons. The old coupon code "Sozo" no longer works on this web site, please call me to get the new code.

You will also notice the online store is missing. That's correct, No more public sales. All remedies will be custom made to the individual and delivered to them privately using our online dispensary or via mail. That includes sound wave sessions.

If you purchased a sound wave session on the old site you may no longer have access to it. Write, text or message me for a new link.

Our healing clinic weekend is still closed due to COVID-19. I will let you all know when we are back open and accepting clients.

Donations are no longer done with fundly, donations can be made at the bottom of my web site.

Thank You

Natalie Olson

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