The Sound Room

Are you looking for a specific sound frequency therapy session to address a specific need? Schedule a phone consultation and we can make a custom sound therapy session designed to meet your specific needs. 

Essentially, there are 4 ways to get frequencies in the body using sound.

  • Headphones on the ears are used only for TBSW sessions

  • Headphones placed on the body 

  • Sitting close to speakers 

  • Placing speakers on the body (Bluetooth wireless speakers are great for this)

  •  40 to 60-minute sessions twice daily is standard, until the problem is eliminated. They can be run longer for serious problems without side effects. However, whenever running frequencies it is necessary to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water (preferably with fresh-squeezed lemon) per session.

  • For TBSW - 30 minutes is common. Don't run it all night. 

solar plexus.jpg
solar plexus.jpg

When you are addressing an issue that you cannot place a speaker over (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) place the speaker over the solar plexas.

It's important to realize that the goal is to get frequencies in the body wherever necessary. The nice thing is, sound is 5 times more effective in water than it is in air. That's how whales communicate through great distances in the ocean. Fortunately, we are made up, mostly of water. So, sound is highly effective using frequencies for healing.

Taking this into consideration, it is a good idea to have a good set of over-the-ear headphones and speakers. Laptop speakers will not work with this technology, because they don't have the frequency range to run the required frequencies.